Beach Equilibrium

Beaches in equilibrium have four things:

1) Dunes are a mix of sand and vegetation and lack steep slopes. Dunes allow wave overwash.
2) No steep slopes, bluffs. Bluffs are often sandy but steep. No wave can overwash
3) Extensive development that prevents beach migration.
4) Interruption of Longshore transport. Longshore transport always exists, so it is only when it is interrupted by barriers or a natural deep channel that is a problem for downshore beaches.

Beaches lacking dunes, having abrupt slopes changes, barriers or development preventing longshore transport or wave overwash are not in equilibrium.

Below are two galleries. The first is a series of examples. Followed by the beaches you have to analyze for the assignment.

Gallery I: Examples of beach in or not in equilibrium

Gallery II: Answer YES or NO if the following beaches are in equilibrium?


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